• Light Retrofit

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Improved lighting quality
reduced costs

Our special conversion kits replace old lamps quickly and easily with ultra-modern, high-performance LEDs. Intervention is minimal as only the necessary parts are replaced during the renovation. It pays off very quickly. Thanks to attractive state subsidies, you will have covered your costs within a few years and will benefit from lower energy costs in the long term.

We take care of it for you:

We perform a feasibility check for you

Our engineers carry out an on-site inspection of your lighting system. We can then assess whether renovation is possible and would make sense for you.

Calculation of amortisation

Each retrofitted luminaire reduces electricity consumption by up to 80% a year. We will calculate your financial savings and the conversion’s break-even date.

Implementation and maintenance

JWT’s team takes care of all the renovation work – even for other manufacturers’ products. The conversion is very straightforward as we simply replace the luminaires’ inner workings. There are no maintenance costs for the first five or seven years thanks to XAL’s special guarantee package.

Assembly incl. dismantling of old luminaires

During the conversion process, we dismantle, remove, and recycle or professionally dispose of old luminaire parts. There is no additional work for you. Within a few hours, your entire lighting system is state-of-the-art.

For unlimited creative freedom

Even the widest product range can sometimes fail to meet a project’s specific requirements.
Together with you, we develop bespoke lighting
solutions that are tailored to your project’s specific architectural and aesthetic needs.

Conversion pays off so quickly

Better light, lower costs: Modernising an older lighting installation increases your efficiency while immediately
reducing your energy costs. There are hardly any additional maintenance costs thanks to the LEDs’ long service life.
Running costs are therefore drastically reduced.

We’re here to help

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